Don’t act like I haven’t seen you naked.

The term boy is reserved for young males, bellhops, and car attendants, and as a putdown to those males judged inferior. “Boy” connotes immaturity and powerlessness.
On the other hand, women of all ages may be called “girls.” Grown females “play bridge with the girls” and indulge in “girl talk.” They are encouraged to remain childlike, and the implication is that they are basically immature and without power.
Gender Stereotyping in the English Language, Laurel Richardson (via alchemy)

I’m playing poker w the boys. Having a boys night. The boys are back in town. Boyfriend. The fuck is this post talking about.

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Finish the sentence




Everyone knows that if george zimmerman would have killed a sixteen yr old white girl….

the cops would have shot him on the spot when they arrived at the scene

White people would disown him and called him a full blooded latino and said this is why we need stronger immigration laws 

Fox News would have called him a racist

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so, bless my heart, and bless yours too
I don’t know where I’m gonna go, don’t know what I’m gonna do
but must be somebody up above say you come on quickly.
say you got to come on up.
say you got to hooooooooooold on

I do believe that there is no more tricks up my sleeve. the good old days have passed and the good times after that, and slowly, I’ve become undone: The stranger with a strange heart.

every freak should have a picture of my dick on they wall